Our Programs

The "Four for the Future" model exists as the cornerstones of our programs and initiative. We know Mentoring, Education, Economic Development, and Health and Wellness is the core knowledge vital to empowering our communities.


Mentoring the 100 Way® 

We provide mentoring through a holistic approach that addresses the social, emotional and cultural needs of children ages 8-18. Our mentors are trained and certified to become advocates and role models while developing relationships that positively impact our youth. To attend a regional training program and learn more about Mentoring the 100 Way techniques, contact us at: info@montgomery100.org

Our mentors are currently coordinating and mentoring in the following programs:



The 100 Black Men of Greater Montgomery, Inc. strives to deliver educational support services and learning opportunities that assist youth in achieving their goals. The 100’s education initiatives inspire confidence, create cultural awareness and foster academic leadership. 

We work alongside our national organization and corporate sponsors to provide annual scholarship awards to deserving students. These scholarship dollars assist youth in completing educational goals by providing resources to offset expenses associated with tuition, books and housing. The scholarship program allows the 100 to identify potential youth leaders in our community and motivates them to achieve academic and community service excellence. To receive a scholarship application, contact us at: scholarship@montgomery100.org.

We are currently coordinating the following education programs:

Economic Development

We consider economic development as a necessary step towards strengthening our community and empowering our youth for success. Our programs promote generational economic self-sufficiency through financial literacy, family wealth building and entrepreneurship. Current programs include:

Health and Wellness

Our health and wellness goals are to raise awareness and provide access to health care and health information that will ultimately promote behavior change resulting in a healthier lifestyle. We strive to equip our community with the resources needed to defeat the possibilities of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, HIV, AIDS, cancer, and the numerous other health disparities that threaten to shorten the lives of those whom we serve. Current health and wellness projects that are coordinated and or supported by our organization are: